Grocery Shopping - The Healthy Way!

Healthy eating habits start at the tills, so making better choices when you do your weekly food shop is vital to the success of your meal plan.

Follow our top tips to get tough at the tills, making healthy eating easier.


1. Write a Shopping List 

Getting organised and making a list before you head out to the shops is a sure-fire way you'll stick to the plan.

A clear, drawn out list will always mean that you make better choices and you will be less likely to get side tracked once you've begun your shopping. 

If you are following a meal plan like The Fit Food Diet, then download a copy to your phone and make sure that you've planned the recipes you'll need to shop for before you begin.  


2. Avoid the Naughty Aisles 

Get to know the naughty aisles and then cut them out!

If you're struggling with will power then by avoiding these aisles you'll be doing yourself a big favour. 

Got kids? Skipping the treat sections will mean that you'll likely reduce your whole families' sugar intake as well as saving some money too!


3. Never Shop Hungry

We've all done it, gone into the supermarket starving, and come out £100 poorer with a trolley full of crisps and sugary snacks!

In a recent study quoted in Forbes, shoppers who went in deliberately hungry spent up to 64% more money than those who were less hungry when doing their food shopping.  

To save yourself some money and bad food choices, eat a small snack before you start shopping (protein and healthy fat is ideal as this will help to stabilise blood sugar levels for longer).


4. Get the Whole Family Involved

Getting the whole family on board with exploring healthier new food will really help with being able to keep up better eating habits long term. 

Why not explore something new and try out some exciting recipes, allowing everyone to choose a dish you would all like to try together...

Be adventurous and explore everything the supermarket has to offer. Don't just go for your normal stick of celery and bunch of bananas when buying healthy food.......have fun!


5. Separate the Naughty Stuff 

Separate the healthy food in your basket from the unhealthy food and when you get to the till, pay for each group separately.

Comparing the bill to see just how much you actually spend on non essential food can be a real eye opener.  


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