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Fit Food (e-Book)

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This brand new groundbreaking diet from the founders of P4 is the perfect match with your exercise plan, providing you with everything you need to lose weight, tone up and drop the fat, whilst eating delicious meals you will LOVE!

This 30-day plan was designed with collective years of professional experience in the industry to bring you the most effective way of getting results and sustaining a healthier lifestyle long after you reach your goal.  

The Fit Food Plan provides you with over 30 delicious and easy to prepare recipes. This plan is not designed to demonise or alienate any one food group, but instead teach you how to tap into a new way of eating, meaning you lose weight without feeling the lull of diet depravity and hunger.

As they say "Results are made in the kitchen" and this diet does just that, making it easy. With every meal carefully worked out for you and a simple colour guide system to choose what to eat and when, the Fit Food Plan eliminates the guess work and will keep you on track with confidence.