Why Your New Years Resolutions Fail

Every year you make a promise that the new year will bring a new you.

So why then is it so hard to achieve these goals?

Check out our top reasons why New Years resolutions are likely to fail and how you can finally live a healthier lifestyle all year round. 


It’s the wrong time of year

The kindest thing you can do for your body is avoid too much drastic change.

Going from one extreme to another can be hard work both mentally and physically and one study featured in Vogue online reported that only around 8% of people actually succeed in their New Years resolutions. 

After the indulgence and excess of the holidays, cutting out every ‘toxin’ may not be the smartest move. Primally January is a time of year to go inward, to rest and restore and to give your body what it craves such as sleep and nourishment. 

So does this mean that exercise is a bad idea? Not at all! It simply means that easing your way into things with a balanced programme is far better for continuity and success.


You focus on the negatives

Rather than thinking about what you’d change about yourself, why not start thinking about what you’d like to improve instead?

When we want to better ourselves our minds quickly default to aspects of our lives that we want to change, stop, replace etc, but instead of focusing on these, maybe try working on what positives you’d like to add.

So instead of saying that you should stop eating so much junk food, try committing to eating at least 2 portions of delicious vegetable soup for lunch per week, or dancing more in place of having to go to the gym.


You commit to too much

Rome wasn’t built in a day, a work in progress, it’s a marathon not a sprint...we’ve all heard the clichés so why not apply them when working on ourselves?

An article in Psychology Today magazine emphasised the importance of not setting impossible goals. 

Sometimes making the smallest of changes but being able to stick with them for longer, is far more powerful than grand gestures which fall flat 3 weeks in. 


You don't have a plan 

Initially if you introduce any healthy change, you'll likely see a difference, however if you do not have a plan that can be adapted over time, you will more likely hit a plateau and quit before you reach your goals.

It's so important that you have a programme which is progressed it as you get stronger.

Working with a personal trainer can provide this service for you and having someone to be accountable to is even more the reason to keep on going. 



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