3 Ways to Burn Fat Without a Gym

Whether it’s time, motivation or a combination of both, not making it to the gym is up there as one of the main reasons why people don’t reach their fitness goals.

The solution? Remove the gym from the equation and hey presto…continuity and results!

Here are our favourite 3 ways to burn fat without even stepping foot in the gym.



Even if you are not a natural skipper, just practicing this daily will quickly increase your heat rate and leave you burning some serious calories.

For more experienced skippers set a timer and work on some intervals. 30:30 (seconds of work to rest ratio) is a good starting point, aiming to built up to more work and less rest in each interval.

Just 15-20 minutes a day is all you need to start seeing some results.


Coaching tip - keep your head forward and eyes up. Lift your chest and keep you shoulders and neck as relaxed as possible. A lot of skipping technique comes from upper body strength so there’s no need to jump too high. This will also help lessen the impact on your joints.



HIIT at Home

One of the best things about HIIT (high impact interval training) is that you can do it anywhere. You also don’t need any equipment for a big bang for your buck session.

Providing you work as hard as you can in the 'work' intervals, and keep the rest intervals strictly to the set time, you will not only be burning calories during the session, but long into the day afterwards too.

Here’s a great HIIT workout you can start right away (please seek medical clearance if you have any pre existing health issues, concerns or injuries).


  • Burpee 30 seconds

  • Rest 30 seconds

  • Squat Jumps 30 seconds

  • Rest 30 seconds

  • Running on the spot 30 seconds

  • Rest 30 seconds

  • Star jumps 30 seconds

  • Rest 30 seconds

  • Sit ups 30 seconds

  • Rest 30 seconds

Do this circuit 4-6 times.

(Always warm up and cool down when exercising).


If you would like to get a personalised home HIIT workout then check out our PRO Online.




An old one but a good one…if you’re doing it right!

Providing that you are fit, well and there’s no existing injury, running can be a quick, low cost and effective way to burn some fat.

If you are new to running or consider yourself to be on the lower end of the fitness scale, then start slow, aiming for around 15-20 minutes of a slower but constant jogging pace.

Try and track your distance with a running app such as Strava or Nike+ Run Club App and then build up either your distance in that set period of time or try and add some extra minutes as you feel yourself becoming stronger.

If you are generally more conditioned, then you can work on mixing up your runs with some interval sessions as well as LDS (long slow duration) to help aerobic threshold and metabolism. Over all the time you need to complete these sessions for maximum fat burning is approx 20-30 minutes of a HIIT run and around 20-60 minutes on a LSD run.


Coaching tip - Try warming up with a mini exercise band before you head out for your run. Some simple band walking, squats and clams will help active your glutes, encouraging better alignment of the knees and reducing the chance of injury.