Create a Home Gym - The Easy Way

Times are changing and so are our workouts.

With more and more people training at home, creating a little gym of your very own has never been such a good idea. 

Check out our top tips on creating a simple, practical gym space in your very own home:    


Make Some Space 

First things first, create a small, dedicated area you can easily access to do your workouts. Ideally a corner of a room or space in the garage is best, just enough to roll out a mat is all you'll need to start. 

Keep the area free of clutter and tidily store any equipment you have in the same place so you can quickly and effortlessly get into your workouts without wasting time having to search for the equipment you need. 


Invest in Versatile Equipment 

You don't need to call in the furniture removals and replace your bed with an Olympic bar in order to be able to workout at home.

Start building a small collection of equipment which is versatile and easily stored away. A set of dumbbells, a kettle bell or a suspension trainer are great examples of this and can be purchased on a budget. 

We also love a band here at P4 Body and recommend purchasing a few good quality bands if you are going to be working out at home. From lower body toning movements such as side band walking, squats and clams to upper body exercises like rows and arm work. Ranging in various resistances, you can get a great workout right where you are.



Use the stairs! Timed laps, interval runs or longer bouts of cardio, the stairs can provide all you need to get fit.

Our members love that they don't need to spend hours on a treadmill to get the same benefit from what they have right at home...their staircase!

If you're interested in investing in a cardio machine then check out the Maxi Climber.  It doesn't require any electricity to work and folds away flat, making it perfect for the smaller spaces at home. Adding a few climbing intervals into your circuits at home will really ramp up your results.


Use What You Have 

Providing its safe, you will be surprised at just how you can turn every day objects into multi functional exercise equipment.

A chair for example, is so versatile and can aid a whole range of exercises. From step ups, tricep dips, Bulgarian split squats to mountain climbers, these are just a few examples of the exercises you can do using a chair at home.

Need some weights? Then fill up two large water bottles and add it to your workout! 


If you have any questions about how you can workout at home speak to us today.