Be More Healthy - 7 Simple Tips

Living a healthier life doesn't have to be complicated, it can be easy! 

Follow our 7 simple tips helping you to be more healthy, have more energy and feel great. 


1. Posture - Stand or sit tall and draw your belly button in.

This will instantly add height, improve the quality of your breathing and boost your self-esteem.

By drawing your shoulder blades down and back and engaging your abdominal muscles you will not only be making yourself feel instantly more confident but will also help strengthen some important postural muscles too.

2. Stretch - Take 3-5 minutes every night before you go to bed to stretch any tight muscles.

Typically these will be neck, chest, hips and hamstrings. Chronically tight muscles can effect how you look and feel.

Not only will stretching encourage lovely long, lean muscle, reducing the chance of injury but doing so can also improve the quality of your sleep too. 


3. Sleep - Are you getting enough? 

For most of us around 8 hours of sleep per night is ideal for the best mental and physical recovery, however 1 in 3 adults are getting far less than the recommended guidelines leaving them chronically sleep deprived. 

Sleep is such an important part muscle development and a healthy metabolism, it should be factored in as a priority to your health and wellness regime. 



4. Hydration - Dehydration is a main cause of water retention and therefore general bloating, which can leave us looking 'puffy' and even swollen.

A quick and simple way of looking instantly healthier is to ensure that you are drinking enough good quality water every single day.

Aim for approx. 8 large glasses per day, spreading that amount in regular intervals.


5. Time out - A stressed, worn out mind means a stressed worn out body.

Taking 5-10 minutes each and every day away from work, phones and computers will give you a chance to clear your head and reset.

Try going for a walk in your lunch break or find a quiet corner to work on some deep meditative breathing before the day begins.

We love for an easy to use, modern guided meditation.


6. Boost your good fats - Increasing your intake of omega 3 is a great way of looking and feeling healthier.

Good for skin, hair, energy levels and brain function, this powerful, natural anti-inflammatory will help your body function optimally and leave you looking and feeling full of vitality. 

For help with boosting your omegas try supplementing, we love Bare Biology's Life and Soul. 


7. Move for 20 minutes a day - You don't need an expensive gym membership or any equipment to exercise.

Simply taking 20 minutes per day to go for a walk or doing a simple body weight programme will improve circulation and help to keep your body at a healthy weight. 

Why not try some squats, lunges, pushups and a plank for 60 seconds each, 4 rounds to get you going or simply invest in a fitness app such as our very own PRO Online to help you get started.